Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons that Learning Cart may display an error message. Receiving this message does not necessarily mean that your payment has failed. To check, click on the “My Account” button in the top right corner of your browser. Then, click “Order History.” You can see all previous purchases listed on this page with their current order status.

If your Pet Care Team Training License does not appear in your account or has an order status other than PROCESSED, please contact or fill out a contact form for support.  

Please enter the discount code in the appropriate field on the payment page. This is located just below the pricing info on the right-hand side. Make sure you have entered the code before entering your payment information. If the code is valid, the price will update automatically.

If you believe you have received an invalid discount code in error, please contact or fill out a contact form for support.

Click on “My Account” in the top right corner of your browser. Then, click “Edit My Account.” Make sure to save your changes!

No. Pet Care Team Training Licenses are for single-use only. The purchase of one license is the same as purchasing one “seat.” If users share credentials, you will be unable to track user progress or certify that they have completed the course. Sharing login information also violates our terms and conditions. Thank you for understanding.

Once you have purchased team member seats in Pet Care Team Training, you will see a new icon on your Account page that says, “Registration Codes.” Click here to view a list of all the licenses you currently own and their statuses (Total Remaining vs. Total Used).

You can add additional seats to your Pet Care Team Training account at any time. This means the course can grow with your team! To purchase an extra seat, simply return to the purchase page, add seats to your cart, and click to purchase. The additional seats will appear under your account page.

CLICK HERE to add more +PLUS licenses!

CLICK HERE to purchase additional seats in the Basic plan.

No, each license grants one member lifetime access to the course!

To start the first lesson, navigate to your “Files & Training” within your account, and click “Launch Course.” The lesson will open in a new tab or window.
Once the lesson is open, you can click the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to navigate between slides. Remember to click “Resources” in the top right corner to access your worksheets and video transcripts before watching the video lesson. To download the worksheet or transcript, simply right click and hit “Download.”

Each lesson will end with a short quiz. Be sure to answer every question. You must pass the quiz to complete the lesson. Once you finish the lesson, click the X or “close” button in your browser window or tab to exit.

Then, navigate back to the course page and click “Launch Course” on the next lesson to continue.

You may need to refresh the page to update your progress and unlock the next lesson.

You can access Pet Care Team Training through the browser on your phone. However, the course works best on a laptop or PC.

When purchasing the course for a team member, please select “team member(s) on the product page before adding the seats to your cart. Once the purchase is complete, you will see a “registration codes” section in your account. Clicking on this will show a full list of registration codes you have available.

To onboard a team member, click “details” and choose from one of three options.

1. Create the account and send the account details to your team member.
2. Send an email invitation for the team member to create their account.
3. Import users to set up multiple accounts at one time.

You can view a full walkthrough of using the email invitation option along with what your team member will receive and how they can sign up here.

One of the great things about Pet Care Team Training is that you can monitor your team’s progress in the course! Simply click on the User Completion Report. You can filter the list by the type of report, status, name, email address, or course name.

Once you’ve selected your desired filters, click SEARCH to generate a list of all users’ statuses. Click DETAILS to view the completion status and quiz score for each lesson.

In addition to the Pet Care Team Training Course, your team will have access to the Pro Pet Hero pet first aid course. They will work through video lessons and answer comprehension questions to assess their learning. When they reach the end of the ProPetHero pet first aid course, they will receive a certification that signifies they have the necessary training to give pet first aid and CPR in an emergency.

ProPetHero First Aid & CPR training is hosted through the Pet Care Team Training website. You will not need to navigate to a separate webpage to access this training.

Your Pet Care Team Training purchase comes with branded social media graphics, monthly training newsletters, and quarterly blueprints for your training meetings. You’ll need to reply to our welcome email before we can send your branded graphics! The rest of your bonus items will be sent out monthly and quarterly to the email address we have on file.

The best way to share this course is to post about it on your website and social media! It is a good idea to share that your team members are thoroughly trained, dedicated, and ready to work with pets. We recommend displaying the Pet Care Team Training logo on your website to build credibility for your company. If you purchased the + PLUS plan, you should also share the seal from ProPetHero Pet First Aid & CPR Training!

If you’d like to go a step further to help our small, pet-care-loving business, please send us a note! We would love to feature your testimonial on our website.

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